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Don't think it could happen to you?

Electrical Safety Checkup

Think again. Electrical fires are the #3 cause of residential structure fires causing over a BILLION dollars of damage annually and

claiming hundreds of lives. The real tragedy is that electrical fires are almost 100% preventable- if you know where to look.

When was the last time you did an electrical inspection in your home? Can't remember? Never? Yep, that's why they are the #3 cause.

Don't risk the safety of you or your family. Take 15 minutes to complete an electrical safety checkup and call us (or any licensed electrical contractor) if you have any potential fire hazards. Most repairs are easy for an electrician to make, cost less than $100 and could end up saving your life and home.

(Click the image above to download the "Home Electrical Safety Checkup" list.)

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