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We're a family-owned and operated business that started from nothing and grew organically, through hard-work, craftsmanship and word of mouth referral. 


We're a licensed electrical contractor who only employs licensed electricians.


In the simplest terms, "Electrical Contractors, with a Conscience” means our decisions are guided by doing what’s right- not what our wallet dictates.  Sometimes that means helping home and business owners find ways to implement sustainable solutions for renewable energy. Other times it means taking care of the communities we live and work in through volunteerism, charitable contributions, fundraisers and pro-bono services.


It’s a tagline for our foundational belief that we have an ethical and social responsibility to the customers and communities we serve. 

Electrical Contractors, with a Conscience. 

Our business was built from organic growth and referrals because our work stands for itself.  We take pride in our profession and the important role it plays in powering our lives, and the world.


Powering our homes, workplaces and communities with quality craftsmanship- that’s our idea of an electrical contractor with a conscience. 

We define craftsmanship as: 

1. Taking time to do things the right way

2. Attention to detail

3. Unwavering adherence to building and safety codes

Quality Craftsmanship 

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